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HiepHiepKado Relatiegeschenken en Premiums
Op zoek naar nieuwe premiums, relatiegeschenken en gadgets? Bij HiepHiepKado bent u aan het juiste adres. HiepHiepKado brengt u regelmatig in contact met de laatste nieuwtjes op het gebied van premiums, relatiegeschenken en gadgets. Kijk rond op onze site of bel ons op 073 - 6890031.

Achilles Benelux, Bilthoven
Achilles Benelux, Bilthoven

Present Time, Almere
Present time is a wholesale gift and home decor company. present time’s mission is bringing contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life. in the early 1980’s mr. teertstra (founder of present time) started a small gift company, called kaleidoscoop. due to the success this company it merged together with clockwork and they went under the name present time. in 1999 present time expand by buying two other companies, namely karlsson and leitmotiv. nowadays these companies are still recognizable as brands of present time. present time is the parent company of five brands. these brands are: pt, bud, smiley, karlsson and leitmotiv. for bud, present time is the official distributor in europe. present time has the license for smiley to use the brand to produce both in and outdoor gift items. the present time head office is located in almere, the netherlands. the head office includes the sales office for the benelux. present time has around 70 employees. present time is active in more then 55 countries across the world. in italy, uk, germany and scandinavia present time has its own sales offices. for the other countries present time is working closely with distributors and agents. the export department of present time has a close working relationship with all of them to ensure the worldwide coverage we need. present time has a creative department which surprises everybody twice a year with a new collection. the spring/summer collection which comes out in january and the autumn / winter collection which is launched in august. for external designers it is possible to create a product for a present time brand. all the product packaging is exclusively developed by the in-house graphic department. due the success of the products, companies are also interested to use the products as a premium or promotional gifts. the promotional department is able to arrange a wide variety of customized products. in 2005 present time opened the doors of the first “present time” shops. these are already existing shops which now sell only present time products and have the exclusive distribution of present time. the shops are located in several cities in germany.

Ribblebox, Weesp
Ribblebox, Weesp

Zeefdruk Hans van Osch, Kaatsheuvel
Zeefdruk hans van osch is het vertrekpunt voor al uw drukwerk en promotiemateriaal. wij houden ons bezig met vormgeving en communicatie. u kunt bij ons terecht voor alles op het gebied van grafische vormgeving, webdesign, signing en drukwerk.

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